Variant I: bougainvillea, sweetgum, seed pods, mesquite beans, moon craters
Variant II: bougainvillea, fig, sweetgum, mesquite beans, moon craters
Variant III: bougainvillea, sweetgum, mesquite beans, moon craters
Inflection Point: Estrellas, moon
Q1: bougainvillea, moon
Q2: mesquite beans, moon
Q3: seed pod, moon
Q4: fig, moon
Q5: bougainvillea, moon
Q6: mesquite, moon
Q7: seed, pod
Q8: fig, moon
Satellite 1: wildflowers/sand
Satellite 2: cactus/decomposed granite
Satellite 3: Santa Rita/asphalt
Satellite 4: agave/river rock
Satellite 5: mesquite bean/caulk
Satellite 6: Hibiscus/ moon craters/ roc
Satellite 8: Tulips/Candelilla
high above the
all over it
all across it
related to the wildflowers
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Cotton Field Fire
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